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Constructing a dissertation and proving the Ph.D. degree is a very time-consuming and complicated practice. You investigate, conduct experiments, and contribute to the scientific world. But all your efforts will come to naught if the dissertation has grammatical errors, cumbersome sentences, and formal vocabulary. If you are unsure about the correctness and tone of your document, it is better to avoid risk and find a dissertation editing and proofreading service. Besides, you can ask for editing help from our dissertation editors, who are experts in English and your particular discipline. We offer the following editing services:

All editors analyze the text together with proofreaders not to miss any mistakes and inaccuracies. This double-checking offers you superior execution and high quality.

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Our Competent Dissertation Editors And Their Flawless Work

No wonder when you order our thesis and dissertation proofreading services, you get the best-corrected work. All editors are well-trained and highly educated editing specialists with Ph.D. degrees. Through a variety of tests and tasks, we check their skills and knowledge. Editors also receive preliminary task close to the real order and have a trial month of work. Besides, we regularly organize training and master classes to inform all contributors about the latest changes in spelling rules, requirements for the format and structure of dissertations, and other specifications essential for appropriate assignments. 

Moreover, all editors are experts in certain fields, including medicine, engineering, physics, business, and marketing. You can be sure that the person who corrects your text knows everything about your subject. During the proofreading process, they construct the report with an explanation of all mistakes and suggestions on how to write better sentences or paragraphs. This way, you will have information about all the stylistic specifications of academic papers.

It is especially beneficial if you are not a native speaker. It helps you to improve your knowledge of language and writing skills.

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The Perks Of Dissertation Editing Services You Can Get Here

Writing a dissertation is a responsible process for anyone. You spend much time and effort to do it impeccably, and every detail matters. Correct calculations, tables, graphs, and scientific facts are critical in your work. But the absence of typos, misspellings, and repetitions is also essential. By using a thesis proofreading service, you prevent yourself from all issues related to the language in the text. A professional editor checks and corrects your paper according to your demands and writing standards. Besides, it is better to choose our company, as we offer many guarantees and benefits and take care of all customers. As evidence, we describe several of the following:

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How Dissertation Proofreading Service Will Impact Your Work

It may be curious what the editing process looks like and what we exactly do with your document. Here we describe the work of our service in several short steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose your dissertation editing and proofreading service?

Our dissertation editing and proofreading service stand out from the crowd due to its reputation, vast experience, and satisfied customers. We have been functioning in this field for more than six years. Our experts edit more than ten thousand dissertations. We have an international team of editors and proofreaders to provide services all over the globe. Besides, we offer affordable prices and outstanding quality, as well as on-time delivery for your files.

Will your dissertation proofreader fix issues in the content and structure of my dissertation?

We provide dissertation proofreading service with various options, from superficial editing to partial rewriting. Editors can correct your structure to make it consistent, change all informal words and wordy sentences, and delete typos and misspellings. Besides, he works on your tone and style, correcting it according to the format you indicate in the order. Every dissertation proofreader takes into account all your demands but edits the document according to international standards for academic writing.

Can your experts help me edit my dissertation?

Every dissertation editor assigned to you has a Ph.D. diploma in English and Masters or upper degree in your particular subject. They have experience in constructing and editing dissertations, so they will polish your work to exceptional quality. All you need is to clarify your expectations and requirements for the dissertation proofreading and editing procedure and attach the file. We will process your request and properly edit the manuscript.

Is your dissertation editing service legit?

Our company has an impeccable reputation among students and scientists. We work honestly and legally following government rules. We regularly pass the tough inspection of our services to get the highest performance level and obtain the ISO certificate. That’s why we can work with many customers all over the world and offer them phd dissertation editing services. Besides, our editors have proven diplomas from the best educational institutions in the USA, UK, and other countries.


If you are here, then probably you need some proofreading help. Relax and enjoy cooperation with our proofreading service as we know what we are doing. Lots of professional editors in a wide range of disciplines will be happy to ease your life. Except for proofreading of dissertations, we can only assist you with the papers below:

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At ProofReadingly.com, our mission is to help students of all levels reach academic excellence and succeed. In our blog, you can find plenty of helpful guides and other information related to studying and writing. Reach out to our expert team in case you are in need dissertation proofreading service . Order now