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You have pulled an all-nighter on your essay. The finish line is near. Your best ideas are already on paper, but you don’t want extra or missing punctuation or rambling sentences to ruin your impression. The second pair of eyes will be handy to finally check the content. Time to use essay proofreading and editing services! You can count on us whether you need to fix a college application or a graduate school writing assignment. The editor will improve grammar, strengthen weak arguments, and add catchy phrases to the introduction so that your paper will impress the most meticulous professor.

Meet Your Goals Easily With Essay Editing Service

Plenty of students do not pay due attention to revising the copy after it’s written. This is a common problem. You can be well-versed in a given topic but make grammatical mistakes, semantic inaccuracies, or typos. No one wants the university admission committee to reject the statement because of incorrect verb declension, missing dashes, or repeated words.

Essay writing is only half the battle. Editing is critical. It isn’t easy to convey brilliant ideas if they are incoherent. Professors are critical of academic requirements: both the content and the language accuracy of the matter. They will not put up with inaccuracy, even if you have written an essay worthy of entering the top works among applicants. A properly structured and polished paper increases the chances of achieving the goals that it is following. Turning to our essay editing service, you can count on assistance with writing assignments that make you nervous. Our editors’ teams are united by a shared passion for helping students and ongoing improvement.

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We understand how tough competition you can face in the competitive selection for a post-secondary institution. One tiny mistake in an introductory essay can spoil the impression you have. The good news is that we have deep expertise in correcting essays, so you can always count on us. The editor will fix your statement of purpose, correct errors, and rephrase weak sentences to make them sound convincing. Be sure, after reading just a few paragraphs of your application, the selection committee will say an unequivocal “Yes!”.

Why Should You Need Essay Editing and Proofreading?

Let’s face it: correcting is more effective when it’s not done by the essay author but by a highly-competent editor. You are focusing on the writing process itself, so commas, declension of verbs, the sequence of tenses, and other small details go by the wayside. During the creative process, the mind focuses on the content, and little mistakes can get missed. And that is okay. Even professional writers can’t get their ideas clear the first time. Therefore, revising is the lifeline everyone needs.

Minor grammatical errors can undermine the credibility of your arguments because they suggest that you were careless about the assignment. You are not alone. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 students are confused with commas placement. Inappropriate punctuation can change the whole meaning of a sentence, distorting the essence of what was said. So you can lose 10-15% of the final grade. Due to deducted points, you can get a negative assessment or, at best, zero. A similar problem will not happen if you give this task to an expert.

Why is turning to the essay editing service a good idea? Here are some benefits you get:

You have many ways to edit projects online. While you enter this query into a search engine, you get thousands of offers. There is always a temptation to use an automatic editor to speed up the process and save money. The problem is that the capabilities of such text programs are limited: they can not detect complex errors and often misused words, such as homophones. If you want an essay worthy of positive feedback, give preference to professionals who will manually fix the smallest inaccuracies.

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Essay Editing Service – The Team You Can Rely On

We are avid perfectionists. For us, quality is not an empty word. This is the foundation upon which our editing company’s reputation cultivates and is reflected in our recruitment policy. To join the editing company, candidates go through a careful handpick. There are no profiles of random people on the website. Only 3% of specialists passing the written qualifying exam is proof of their competence.

Our platform is the largest community of essay editors. These are 5000+ Ph.D., M.A., and BA in English with the highest distinction, being wordsmiths with a deep understanding of working with papers, detail-oriented, and customer requests. They have 7+ years of experience in editing scientific articles, dissertations, literary publications, and recommendation letters. Our specialists are native English speakers, well-versed in the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation intricacies. They hone their skills daily to provide clients with incomparable results.

On the website, you will find a “God-level” editor, who can catch errors that are not obvious to you, rewrite parts of the content to improve the flow and add clarity to your words. You can count on the round-the-clock availability of the expert. We have a streamlined notification system that allows staying in direct contact with the assigned online essay editor. You can track the progress of your order, add instructions, and communicate with the performer.

Essay Proofreading Service Features

You must know that the correction service does not mean rewriting the text from scratch. The task of essay proofreaders is to amplify weak arguments, faceting your ideas, and make them shine to the fullest. Our experts bring clarity to the paper while keeping the essence intact. They find a clearer way to express what you want to say while maintaining your tone of voice. This makes our essay proofreading service stand out from other providers. Our editors are attentive to details: they correct typos and inappropriate punctuation marks.

What Should You Know About the Essay Editing and Proofreading Service?

The academic schedule is busy, so students write essays close to the deadline. Rushing, you will not be able to review the content carefully. The fact is that people are blind to their own mistakes and overlook them because they read the text on autopilot. Not everyone has a couple of hours or a free day to distance themselves from what they have written and check the essay with a fresh eye.

Editing is as important as any other aspect of writing. Skipping this step and turning in your work without final checking is a losing strategy. So finding someone who can proofread your essay sounds excellent. You can contact a friend or colleague. But there is no guarantee that the work is done well. Delegating a task to a non-professional, you risk being back at square one. It is in your best interest to deliver your work on time; it is in our interest – to provide you with a paper that exceeds your expectations.

Why should you say “Yes” to the editing essay service? Here are some arguments in our favor:

Turning to us for help, you win in all respects. We aim to maintain long-term relationships with clients. The statistics say: 98% of clients make repeated orders in our essay editing service. Our strength is a personalized approach. The assigned editor will be focused on your project and not jumping between dozens of other orders. This approach allows us to maintain a high reputation and receive positive user feedback.

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Order Essay Proofreading Services And Keep Calm

We understand that help may be needed at any time. There is no concept of a “day off” or “holiday” when editing your paper is at stake for us. We have clients in 200+ countries. To assist 24/7, we have hired editors living in various time zones from the US to Australia. Even if you have 6 pm, we will find an editor who will start your order without delay. We fulfill our obligations.

Our editing company has been providing essay proofreading services for 5+ years. We have corrected 50,000+ papers, and we are not going to stop. You can check out the portfolio of editors to choose the one that matches your requirements. We are open to clients. You can calculate the cost by specifying the number of pages and the deadline. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the order form, and attach your draft, indicating the university guideline and the information you want to include. Rely on us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ProofReadingly provide an essay proofread only for admission essays?

We have great news. Our company stands out from other providers in a comprehensive approach. We understand that you may need different essays at different stages of your academic life, so our company is not limited to one type of paper. Our editors can perfect essays for MBA, law school applications, graduate studies, and purpose statements you need assistance with. We can handle any task.

Can you proofread/edit my essay within one day?

Tight deadlines are not a problem for us. We know that every minute is worth its weight in gold for you, so it is forbidden to hesitate. The editor will start correcting the paper immediately after paying for the order. If you specified 24 hours in the requirements, be sure you will receive the finished document within the stated period. The strength of our essay editing and proofreading service is flexibility in workflow. You can expect super fast response times and detailed and personalized feedback.

Who will be my essay proofreader/editor?

When choosing a specialist, we start with your request. Finding someone good at essay editing and proofreading is like finding a needle in a haystack. But just not for us. Your order will be dealt with by this essay proofreader, who has a Ph.D. master's or bachelor's degree in English, behind which there are 1000+ corrected copies, numerous positive feedback, and customers' recommendations.

Is the essay proofreading service legit?

Definitely "Yes". This service does not involve writing a paper from scratch, so it is not a violation of academic integrity and ethical standards. The editor exclusively corrects the draft of your essay and rewrites no more than 15-20% of its content, if necessary to improve the fluency of the presentation. Our essay proofreading service respects the policies of higher education institutions and does not go beyond acceptable forms of student assistance.


If you are not sure your paper is impeccable, it is better to let masters help you. We cover all disciplines and any topics. Skillful specialists at our proofreading service are glad to assist you with the following papers:

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At, our mission is to help students of all levels reach academic excellence and succeed. In our blog, you can find plenty of helpful guides and other information related to studying and writing. Reach out to our expert team in case you are in need essay proofreading service . Order now