Money Back Guarantees

Cases, when refund can be guaranteed:

Here are a few specific cases:

Please, note that once you request a revision, you automatically approve that the first version of the paper is written as per the directions, but just needs some minor adjustments. In such case, a 100% refund is not being granted (exceptions may take place and each case is investigated by the Dispute Manager individually).

Please, note that in case of a 100% refund request, any rights on the completed assignment are automatically being waived. In such a situation, we reserve a right to publish the paper’s content on our website and/or on other platforms.

A refund cannot be guaranteed in the following cases:

How long does it take to receive a refund?

If there is a case when you need to request a refund, you need to contact our Support Team so that it would be appropriately discussed and forwarded to the Billing Department as per our standard procedure. Our Billing Managers analyze each case individually and offer you the best possible options to choose from. It usually takes up to three business days for a Manager to investigate the matter and contact you back. However, in certain cases it may take more time depending on the situation.

 Please, note that once the offer is sent to you, you have 5 (five) business days to come up with a decision. If our Manager does not receive a reply within this time, your refund request is being terminated.