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Jack Smith

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Academic level: Master's

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Work Experience: 3 Years

Success Rate: 96%

Working on every project, I aim to deliver the work that matches all the requirements. That is why, I focus on individual approach to every appointment. I believe that with my assistance you will get the highest possible result and even love History and Literature!


Oliver Jones

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Academic level: Ph.D.

Completed orders: 153

Work Experience: 2 Years

Success Rate: 94%

Every chance to share my knowledge and experience is unique. That is why I am very pleased with every person who turns to me to to ask for help. Can't wait for your insturctions on the task!


Harry Brown

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Academic level: Master's

Completed orders: 235

Work Experience: 3 Years

Success Rate: 88%

The thing I truly love is about helping students. That is why, every new order becomes my top priority. To complete the work properly, I concentrate on the latest scientific updates and standards. That helps me to be ready to every topic and guarantee quick completion and high-quality.


Melanie Farrell

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Academic level: Ph.D.

Completed orders: 362

Work Experience: 4 Years

Success Rate: 93%

I concentrate on two connected things: quality of my job and customer satisfcation. In this case I put all of my experience into your assignment to craft unique and high-quality papers.

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The great respect for the author who completed my college essay as quickly and efficiently as possible. The high score is already received! Thank you for your professionalism.

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The site is really reliable and secure. I received high-quality research paper proofreading services. I am very happy since the paper is done perfectly! I will definitely contact you in the future!

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Any individual has its strong and weak sides. Someone is keen on creative thinking and building fabulous projects. Another person is a practicing specialist and is good at mundane tasks. Someone participates in group projects with pleasure while another individual feels way more comfortable working on something independently. That's the general logic that works everywhere and always, including the learning process and students participating in it. So if you doubt whether you should do your homework or prefer writing assistance you may be guided by your preferences and none of the popular myths. It's up to you to decide your fate, so no one can interrupt you and postpone your personal efficiency.
The same goes for a revising step of your paper performance. No matter its subject and type, you have to prepare for refining it. It means you require proofreading services to improve possible weaknesses of your paperwork and turn them into strengths. As always, you could take on that role and rely on skilled masters. If you aspire to perform a wise choice you know more information about proficient and competent assistance. So let's move on and clarify the fundamentations and extras to satisfy your curiosity.

Professional proofreading services: the essentials to figure

Usually, learners believe that doing homework ends right after you write down the last sentence and finish it with a dot. The end, they hope but is way far from a finale. The approximate scheme for doing any academic assignment looks this way: you write a draft, you edit the content, and then you proofread the final copy. Of course, the exact process differs a lot depending on paperwork type, demands, major, etc. Your degree also matters as well as the topic. But mark these words: you must create content and refine it by proofreading. Indeed, the combo of editing and proofreading helps an author to reach real excellence. The point is during content creation you are focused on essential tasks such as finding proper sources, selecting relevant arguments, evaluating fair conclusions, etc. As a result, you may not pay attention to insignificant issues. And mistakes are detected as insignificant issues anyway.

Why can't you recognize mistakes in your written content?

Don't blame your competence as a learner for such problems. That's not only about you but about everyone else. This is a feature of our brain that allows to manage attention and invest all powers into significant tasks in the prior instance. You'll do your English proofreading or other refining actions right after you finish your core job.
At the same time, before you start to refine your paperwork you may schedule such steps as well. Again, that's because of the particularities of our brains. If you do revisions within 1-2 days right after writing, then you'll literally see no pitfall in it. That's because you still remember doing chapters of your essay and skipping possible issues.

How to succeed in the end?

To be honest, you need to leave your brain to rest and refresh before proofreading. It will take time, although no one knows how much. Usually, students leave their assignments for several days before editing. Anyway, it also covers no guarantee you could detect all mistakes. Otherwise, by getting professional proofreading and editing services an individual may expect desired guarantees. Such an approach doesn't require a customer waiting and spending extra time on revisions. You just rely on masters with proper competence and extraordinary proficiency who will improve your paperwork. At that point, you should knuckle down to seek, select, and rely on a reliable, worthy, decent, and adequate proofreading agency. For this reason, you are welcome to join the millions of successful learners who have been using our company for editing purposes. Our ready-made team is designed to solve your issues with your drafts to turn them into brilliant and flawless final cuts.

Key disparities of editing proofreading services

Before you employ a specialist to perform duties instead of you it's better to obtain a little bit more information about academic editing and proofreading services. That's for your sake! In case you're aware of key disparities in proficient support you'll feel much more comfortable ordering assignments. Besides, you should better know what type of help to request – to edit your essay or to proofread it. Many individuals can't recognize more differences between proofreading and editing except that "to edit" is a more comprehensive job while "to proofread" is kind of a superficial approach. To be honest, such a description is way too abstract and does not illustrate to people real things. On the one hand, a task to edit means making an all-embracing improvement of the final draft. It is focused on working with text plan, structural elements, the melody of reading, etc. It's fair to say that editing brings more corrections and tends to realize the helper's idea in the proper formula. On the other hand, if you proofread your draft you truly aspire to get rid of obvious pitfalls such as misprints according to current grammar demands. It seems that you make minor changes while proofreading but small changes still make big changes in the content quality. In addition, an expert must have talent and abilities to proofread content properly.
These basic descriptions are totally enough to clearly recognize the core goals of both services. If you deal with a trustworthy and proficient proofreading company then you rely on specialists. They will endorse you appropriate service and explain to you key nuances to make your project decent. Anyway, both these types of demanded services are considered a science. An expert is responsible not only for correcting word combinations and sentences according to current grammar rules but also to reveal that a final copy fits your integral demands. Such a comprehensive, elaborate, and thoroughgoing job takes a lot of time and power. So it's all the time better to obtain proficient assistance to gain the set plans. Because of appropriate support, you could develop spectacular and genuine drafts and ameliorate all sections that require improvements. Your assistant wouldn't miss a thing and deliver you excellence on a sheet of document.

Various types of proofreading service

Most customers aren't able to recognize and sense which type of assistance is suitable for their cases. It's great if they distinguish editing from proofreading and can list key differences between these services. Moreover, this isn't everything you'd love to reveal about revisions type. Here are the highly demanded editing proofreading services of all times: - for journals. If you're willing to submit your article to an appropriate journal you must bring it in compliance with official standards. This is the only way to get approval for your paperwork to be published in the exact journal. Our masters could make it to increase your direct chances of victorious publication; - for scientific paperwork. Scientists pay much attention not only to the details of their research but also to the particularities of the arrangement and composition of their final copies. So it's incredibly important to detect issues of your scientific paper depending on its subject and discipline demands; - for medical essays. Medical vocabulary, highly specialized terminology, rare cases, and unusual requirements make essays in healthcare summons. Actually, professional assistance could beat it for you and prevent possible failures; - for manuscripts. Such an unusual task usually confuses students but it still has to reflect your spectacular competence in the subject. Make sure to use a great English proofreading service to develop excellent work in the end;
- for rare topics. Getting an assignment with a good topic is a win-win case because you could find enough primary and secondary sources. Otherwise, your project may be too challenging because you could fail in the writing stage and be unable to improve it in the refining stage as well. Don't worry and prefer editing services to check everything twice; - for expert cases. Sometimes you may face an academic issue of high priority that doesn't let you relax or go wrong. That's a direct reason to rely on talented masters who will be responsible for refining your paperwork end-to-end; - for PhD thesis. When you are obtaining such a formidable degree you must develop true excellence instead of ordinary paperwork. Professional polishing of your content is exactly that powerful tool that could change it for the better at once. These examples are only several options our team faces all the time. Customers after request editing for capstone projects, CVs, business proposals, speeches, presentations, etc. These are all different kinds of proofreading services with specific features.

The role of academic proofreading during the educational activity

A competent service is an incredibly valuable accomplishment for a learner. With its significant, proficient support you could efficiently produce the most of your English papers. Even if you're technically keen on academic writing you may still lack the ability to proofread it. To be honest, none of the students could be proud of a spectacular experience in revisions just because your years in college can't make you a master. A competent service is an incredibly valuable accomplishment for a learner. With its significant, proficient support you could efficiently produce the most of your English papers. Even if you're technically keen on academic writing you may still lack the ability to proofread it. To be honest, none of the students could be proud of a spectacular experience in revisions just because your years in college can't make you a master. At the same time, our advanced service is quite affordable. It means as a student and a customer you might employ a talented and competent assistant and not spend all your money on his or her support. Of course, the price for a proofreading service varies depending on your requirements (for instance, a paper's length, deadlines, your major, etc). But no matter what, the demands for an assignment will be compatible with your final cut and have nothing in common with the fee you paid.
We receive tons of reviews from our users that they were super glad to take advantage of a proficient English proofreading service online. Such support makes them satisfied and, what is more important, successful students in the eyes of their professors and educational establishments. That's why take into account all the benefits you can enjoy while getting professional proofreading assistance. Our responsible and decent platform was founded to simplify your campus life so let our masters perform the duties to the full.

Why should you use professional proofreading and editing services

Do not think that using editing help is something shameful and exclusively the plight of students. Our platform provides proofreading services not only for students but professors, business owners, post-doctoral researchers, and lecturers. As you can see, professionals also require proofreading assistance. It is no wonder that even if you have outstanding writing skills, you might lack time to proofread or edit your work. You can always count on professional editors and proofreaders who will polish your paper and make it of the best quality. Below, you will see the perks of hiring a proofreading service company.

High quality of your documents

When working with academic proofreading services, you can be sure the quality of the final draft will be on the top. Such a service is aimed at checking all your grammar errors and typos. Yes, you can be surprised, but sometimes, it is impossible to notice all the shortcomings in your paperwork, even though it might seem perfect to you. If you are a business owner, you should know that different types of errors in the file are really embarrassing. It means the success of your business might depend on how well a single document is written. Every word should be well-considered. Each term needs to be picked up correctly. So editing your writings is crucial. This is a task for a professional proofreading specialist who will bring everything into order and improve the process. Proofreaders who hold an MD or Ph.D. and are native English speakers will make your work a perfect one.

On-time delivery

When editing your document, we highly value your time. So you can be sure to receive your file on time. No matter what you order, a simple essay or a dissertation to be edited, you may not worry about missed deadlines. You won’t lose any single dollar for placing your order. No matter how soon you need it, you can count on us!

100% plagiarism-free papers

Even if your initial document contained some plagiarism, we would fix it. When you ask for academic proofreading online help from us, you any time get an outstanding document that is 100% unique because we do care about the quality and our reputation. We do not simply proofread every word; we check it for plagiarism with a special tool. So providing you with a unique essay or other content is our priority.

Formatting and styles

Our editing experts stick to all of the formatting requirements, no matter what they are. Even if your paperwork is mistake-free, but you doubt it to be formatted properly, entrust it to our proofreading gurus. Our masters of editing will make sure the format of your paperwork is right and improve it if necessary.

Full anonymity

If you want to edit your document, do not worry about third parties to find out about your cooperation with our platform that does English academic proofreading. Our competent service guarantees 100% anonymity when editing your file. Your privacy is the priority for our superb service, so we never allow any leak of information.

Safe payment options

When you order to edit and proofread your content, you got to know that our payment options are safe and we provide absolute security for all of your transactions. The variety of payment options will also be a great bonus from our editing service.

Professional Proofreading Services is rated 4.9/5 based on 279 customer reviews.


Why rely on a proficient English academic proofreading team

Well, we have custom statistics of the popular reasons why individuals call for our help. Usually, we receive requests to proofread or edit a paper because a student: - has no time to do it. Editing takes much time so if you haven't it – you risk failing your assignment no matter it's almost done in your opinion; - lacks professionalism. Compared to masters at proofreading service, people aren't skilled enough to refine content as required;
- worries too much. Stress harms everything including your abilities to edit and proofread a paper; - needs advanced support. Having a specific task (for instance, with an urgent deadline or rare topic) demands from you seek specific assistance. Also, many customers have custom reasons not to edit and proofread their documents. Anyway, working with a top-rated company like ours is a much more beneficial option than producing this assignment independently.

Your personal editing and proofreading services

It's so easy to receive competent, professional proofreading services that you don't have a right to ignore such an opportunity. Our company which consists of qualified proofreaders is primed and equipped to refine your docs and turn them into excellence almost immediately. All you should do is place your order. Keep this how-to: - select a service you aspire us to perform (for instance, to edit or proofread);
- complete the request and make a secure payment; - wait for a notification that your paperwork is done. Yes, waiting is the most challenging step. But remember that your task is developed by a competent and proficient author. He or she is extremely responsible so the final copy will impress you with its excellent content and composition.

A little more about our proofreading services online

It seems that all editing and proofreading services should be similar. You think so before you rely on us. That's because our unique service is ready to offer you exclusive, affordable, and personal assistance. Our company was founded as a small team of proficient proofreaders to assist students in their homework. We have done several docs and understood that our small group of specialists is unable to handle all requests we receive from our customers. This was a point when our professional editing service began to extend. So masters with PhD degrees joined our company and developed its potential. Today we are keen on making any homework for modern students including very unusual tasks and rare majors.
Why all this stuff is important, you may eventually wonder. Here is the answer: because we have grown up from a small team to a huge and reputable platform with awareness among students, we are definitely keen on everything you may need including to edit and proofread an essay. Feel free to purchase proofreading services online and take competent help from proofreaders. Pick up the type of assistance (for instance, to edit and proofread a draft, prefer a theme, analyze primary sources, etc.) and place an order filled up with essential details.

Gain your pros with a professional editing service

As you have known, dealing with educational tasks and familiar challenges may be a severe headache. It hurts to grapple with proofreading if you have written an essay already. Most people believe that writing is a much harder job than proofreading or editing as well. Oh, how wrong they are! Making improvements in the ready-made content could be way harder than developing a text from a scratch. But there is no reason to compare different services. Just keep in mind that qualified assistance will solve all your problems in education. Such support is able to edit, refine, revise, proofread, and make requested corrections in the text.
Our company cooperates with humans with versatile requests. Among the most popular ones are academic proofreading and editing. It means that you can find in our effective team a reliable partner to succeed with your papers of any kind. Let us edit and proofread your assignments. We serve our clients with top-rated, proficient, and well-timed help. So take multiple benefits of our proofreading editing services to build on your academic achievements of yours!
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust your proofreading service?

You can fully trust our proofreading service, as we have a section with reviews. There you can see the impressions of real customers and their feedback about our work. Our licensed and certified employees can also speak about trust. We do not take sales taxes, which is a big advantage. It is also worth noting that all the information you provide us is classified and guarantee this. This applies to your personal data, payment methods, location, and order details. So go to us if you need professional proofread and academic formatting. We are an official company that also proves the reliability of the editing service and the quality of the edit and proofread service. For more details see our privacy policy, which outlines the main aspects of our legislation.

Which language do you edit?

Our proofreading service takes into work texts only in English. We consider all types of documents, from edit resumes to dissertations. For many years we have been developing intelligent word processing and spell checking and edit programs for the English document language, constantly improving algorithms, dictionaries, and bases. We provide high-quality english academic proofreading.
Our products do not just make dictionary check - professional proofreading services teach them to understand the script written by a person, thanks to which they can detect and edit semantic and speech errors, monitor and proofread style and punctuation.
We pay attention to the readability of the edit material being checked.

What type of documents does Proofreadingly proofread?

Each company, regardless of its online business profile, needs quality editing texts in different paper formats. To fill the corporate site, the presence of which today is the basic business standard, texts for the main and internal pages are necessary. Therefore, we offer all kinds of services - readings of CVs, dissertations, commercial texts, editing essays, descriptions of company services, leaflets, booklets, slogans, and texts for presentations. Our site as well as all professional proofreading and editing services will understand your script and help to lead it to a readable view with no issues.

How much time does your professional proofreading service take to edit my work?

The faster you need text, the more it will cost to check by an editor. But if you have the opportunity to wait, you can save some money. It also depends on the complexity of the script and the editing type of article as a whole. An ordinary article will be checked faster than a scientific or research edit article, it is worth considering. To calculate the time of the editing of the script , you need to determine how many characters with spaces contain the proofread script . We can proofread many file types you need and give you the best assistance. Our professional proofreading service will help to remove grammatical, morphological, and word-forming errors. Proofreading services will also help to check and proofread syntax, spelling, and punctuation and ensure that the script is formatted following the uniform editing requirements for publications. If it is a book, the service will be able to edit layout errors and evaluate the artwork of the future book.

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